REAL School Design

This blog documents the intensive work of a small group of educators as we attempt the design and creation of a charter school in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The REAL School is a startup non-profit school planning and design organization. Our design is for the creation of a community-based school that is sustained and enriched through community-based entrepreneurship and social action. The work of entrepreneurship and social action enable the REAL School to provide high quality, experiential learning to underserved students and for students and the school to provide valuable services to our communities. We are a group of experienced local educators, social entrepreneurs, and community organizers committed to a progressive vision of education and urban redevelopment.

This blog will be a venue for the REAL School Design Team to comment on our work designing the school, on the progress that we make and the failures we encounter, on the interpersonal and dynamic design processes we use, and on the school design itself. Our Design will be posted here, at, where it will be linked to discussion forums. We encourage and welcome all readers to join the discourse we are trying to generate over around effective schooling and school design.  Please join the conversation!

Enjoy the thoughts of REAL School Design team members as we negotiate the complexities of school design 2.0.


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