Nighttime anxieties (or, counseling for entrepreneurs)

The following is a gchat between my friend and fellow educational entrepreneur, MC. As you can see, she’s mostly calming me down and keeping me grounded, but she also provides some technical support for improving my online communications. She’s invaluable to me.


10:25 PM
MC: hey
do you just want me to resize this for the blog?
or do you want me to think more broadly about the logo options?
10:26 PM
me: oh, for right now, resize for the blog
I am trying to decide about whether to pay the people I met with on friday to worry about the big picture
10:27 PM
MC: big picture meaning what?
10:28 PM
me: web design, marketing, etc [I email MC an offer I received from a marketing company]
10:29 PM
MC: what do you think?
me: It’s hard to tell
10:32 PM
MC: it’s not the craziest offer I’ve ever seen
it’s in line with quotes i’ve received
me: no, it seems reasonable
MC: but
10:33 PM
me: the question is just, how do I decide?
MC: you’ve seen their work?
me: yes
I’m just not sure
It’s not my kind of work so it’s hard to tell. Also, will they be able to capture our sensibilities?
10:37 PM
me: I feel like some of this I could just do myself
at the same time, that’s crazy
I did just get dreamweaver though
10:38 PM
MC: oh good
well, you could do it
but it won’t be as good
or as quick
me: the latter is a big concern
MC: you’re paying someone to get it done, not to do it.
me: totally
10:39 PM
MC: okay, so if you had to write a tag line/title for your blog, what would it be?
me: yeah, that’s what they were asking about
oh, for my blog?
MC: yeah
literally what would it be? [Mary is hooking me up by taking my logo and resizing it for the wordpress masthead. See above]
10:40 PM
me: Learning through school planning and design?
the importance of school design?
MC: great
me: The REAL School story of school design?
MC: of intentional school design?
collaborative, intentional school design?
me: maybe purposeful?
10:41 PM I use purposes a lot
MC: okay, give it to me whole:
me: The REAL School: A Story of Purposeful School Design?
10:56 PM
MC: still there?
11:02 PM
me: I am
MC: i send you something
11:03 PM
me: umm, I love it
MC: not attached to it, but it’s a basic idea for a temporary header
me: Do I just upload it?
MC: yup
easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl
me: lol
I’m posting this whole conversation to my blog you know
MC: fair enough
it’s the 21st century; i assume everything i write will end up online, typos and all.
me: would you like a clever pseudonym?
MC: no, i’d like a pithy one
you can call me MC
perhaps “the young MC”
me: that is pithy!
11:07 PM
MC: sweet
11:15 PM
me: finally done my other work
should be in bed shortly
can’t decide whether to blog first
I don’t get to work tomorow until after 12
MC: blog first
nighttime blogging is the most honest
11:16 PM me: lol
you’re my favorite web friend-tor!
11:18 PM
MC: thanks!
11:26 PM
me: thank you!
MC: i’m watching intervention
i can’t pull away, but i must.
i have a train to catch in the morning.
me: yes, or else you’ll need an intervention
MC: so very true
me: night night
MC: okay, adios
11:28 PM
me: bouna notte

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