A tool for school and community planning

I have been writing recently about the relationship between community planning and school planning and I was pleased to see a tweet from School Health Insider (twitter: @SHInsidertweets) with a planning tool from UCLA’s psychology department. The planning tool, called the School-Community Collaboration: A Self-study Survey, is comprehensive checklist of key areas in which school and community planning should be integrated.

Perhaps most importantly, the survey attends to both how the community can play a role in the school, and how the school can play a role in the community. The study begins be emphasizing four key issues:

As you work toward enhancing such collaboration, it helps to clarify what you have in place as a basis for determining what needs to bedone.  You will want to pay special attention to

• the mechanisms used to enhance collaboration

•  clarifying what resources already are available

•  how the resources are organized to work together

• what procedures are in place for enhancing resource usefulness

This survey is a tool to support effective collaborative planning and a reminder of the deep need for such collaboration as well as the fundamental complexity and difficulty of engaging in such work.


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