Some thoughts on the need for many kinds of schools (and thanks for a great talk yesterday!)

I want to thank everyone who came out to hear Scott Stimpfel, founder of Resources for Educational and Employment Opportunities (REEO) and I speak at PennGSE yesterday. It was a great experience, the audience asked a ton of questions, and I really enjoyed listening to Scott’s presentation.

I will be posting the full video with my slides next week. In the meantime, I’m including a short video in two parts taken by my friend and fellow educational entrepreneur Mary Conger.

In the Q&A I was asked about the future of the charter school movement. In the following clips you can see part of my answer in which I advocate for many different kinds of schools serving many different purposes for many different student and community needs (I apologize for the fact that their sideways, I’m working on it):

Video part 1

Video Part 2



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