Beginning another journey – Melissa joins the REAL School Design Blog

After many weeks of Gabriel prompting me, I am finally taking the blogging plunge. I am also a member of the REAL School design team and before I begin this journey let me provide a little context to my writing–a “who I am”, if you will.

I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania completing my final year of coursework in a literacy program, as well as completing a principal leadership program at Penn and interning at a Montessori school in DE. In my spare time, I develop curriculum and write charters for a non-profit in Wilmington, DE called Innovative Schools.

So what is the stance from which I am writing? I am writing from the stance of an aspiring leader and former classroom teacher. I am writing with a belief in the need to force our country to re-think what it means to “do school” and more locally, the need to spark innovation within an schooling environment that seems to have lost its way. Finally, I am writing to help move the national educational conversation forward so that we think more broadly about the possibilities that exist within the space of education.


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