Becoming a community of learners: From the REAL School Design team’s “Teach Us Something” Project

As part of our commitment to being a community of learners, the REAL School design team begins our meetings with a lesson. At each meeting, one member shares something from his or her own experience, something valued and valuable to the group. The member takes ten minutes to teach it to us. In any form he or she chooses.

Asked us to spend some time thinking about the meaning and value of art and lead us in discussion and then he read his poem to us. He told us to look at art as life and life as art and then he interpreted john dewey for us in poem form. Here’s the audio and the the text is below:


You wanted to know about the art of the artist, understand where it all starts thus I commit to the context and the precepts, and our awareness.

How do we understand this notion of the flower without understanding the seed and the soil, the work and toil synergized with air and the light of the sun, thus art has begun, all of it one, not once but a cyclical battle of ongoing turbulent order, rooted in environments supporting a symbiotic persistence of life and resistance,

You wanted to understand the art of the artist… the blank canvas that seeks to mirror that perfectly captured life, captured art transformed beyond the life it mirrors.  Like the shadows in the cave mere reflections of the reality, pure harmony, pure harmony… not one without the other

Union achieved like the simile or smile from mom to baby from baby to mommy, the homily before the ceremony capturing the harmony from a separate piece one of each to then provide sustenance for the union

You wanted to evaluate the art of the artist because they find the moments we missed… they view with lenses we passed on, and then they passed on the vision, You wanted to know the art, of life, of love, of then and now, profoundly nestled within the everyday life experiences yet never a pinnacle point, but only the times of perfect harmony, what it’s worth could hardly be measured quantitatively, we measure the fullness of the experience if we take time to catch it, establish an equilibrium with our environment and qualify our senses;

You wanted to describe the art of the artist, the perfect David the teacher carved out because he knew where and when to interact with his masterpiece… the care given when time didn’t matter only the fulfillment of accomplishment and achievement that could hardly be measured quantitatively, because in a way it’d be reflecting only a portion of the efforts and growth from the block to the esthetic, but somewhere throughout the process the art is embedded

You wanted to know insights about the art of the artist who easily mitigates the chaos and channels the stream of consciousness in animation cells rarely isolated by the viewer, took fewer than seconds to forever change our tomorrow because of what we’ve now borrowed from each other, implications of life, of art, of living, of dying, of teaching, of learning, of experience and you missed what was right in front of you… you missed the seasons and the poetry of the changes, you missed the wave of the student to the teacher, the kiss from of the couple in love in the coffee shop, the clouds before the moon, the sizzle of the bacon in the morning during Sunday breakfast.  You were too busy living.

You wanted to know about the art of the artist and you are it.  We live it, we build it, we created it before Picasso or the caveman.  It is the process, the integration and the sensation and balance of life and its forces that calibrate themselves accordingly;

You wanted to be the artist and you are, the teacher.

V.S. Davis




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