Arise Academy Charter School – Gabriel’s New Home

Dear friends,

On Wednesday of last week I was appointed the CEO  of Arise Academy Charter School in Philadelphia. Arise is the first charter school in the nation to specifically serve youth in foster care (see a newscast about our prom here). The school is young, only two years old, and small, with less than 200 students. It is a perfect home for the work of purposeful school design.

As I apply the design work we have done at the REAL Schools to our work at Arise, I will continue to use this space to discuss school design and all of the related issues we have been engaging in.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and I look forward to sharing our design work as we continue to put our theory into practice and as we continue to turn our practices back into theory so that we can share them with all of you.



One comment

  1. Wonderful to have found your blog this evening Gabriel. What an exciting time for you, Arise Academy and all of Philadelphia as we move collaboratively towards major paradigm shifts in systemic practices and thoughts around how to best serve Philadelphia’s forgotten youth!

    It was a pleasure meeting with you today and I look forward to ongoing discussions centered around your multiple and highly unique approach towards fostering educational and holistic well-being for youth who are currently in or have touched the child welfare system. I believe if we make unquestionable impacts on students that are believed to be without hope, the world will stand up and take notice.. thus allowing our kids to lead by a new and very profound example.

    Congratulations once again on your new leadership role at Arise Academy! It’s going to be an awesome year!!!

    Donna Wilson
    Education Liaison Analyst
    DHS Education Support Center

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