The Words of Ms. Jordan – Arise Community Meeting

The following is the spoken poetry of Arise staff member Gloria Jordan:

Education vs No Education
Knowledge vs Ignorance
Quality of life vs Poverty
Freedom vs Imprisonment
Ability to Improve vs Limited expectations

When I hear these words, I think of my grandfather
Four generations back, being kicked, beaten, spat on and called nigger all
Because he wanted an education so I could be here.
It hurt me to my heart that I a colored woman has to fight another colored person
To unlock the bathroom door so they can go hide from their education
Do you know that the key to your future is an education? Without it someone else has
The key to control when that door is opened.
The primary reason for your being here at Arise is to pursue a quality education.

If you think this is a joke, remember every joke has a punchline.

Don’t let the last laugh be on you!!!
Can you hear what I’m saying to you. If you can, show me that you hear me!!!

– Ms. Gloria Jordan


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