Blog Refresh! School for Real Design Blog Take 2

I am pleased to announce that School For Real is getting a bit of a refresh. We are tweaking the look (still in progress) with a focus on separating out the different themes we explore and giving school design itself its due place in both the metaphoric and visual heart of what we do.

The impetus for this in part the return of some wayward writers, but it is also a long needed change that reflects the current state of our organization which is really a loose consultancy and think tank.

I am excited to share, on a personal and school design note, that I have spent the past year working for Building21, a start-up, competency-based high school model opening as a Philadelphia School District school partnership in the fall of 2014. Their work is extremely interesting and represents a significant advancement in the field. I will write more about it in upcoming posts. In the meantime, check out the building21 blog, which is in itself both interesting and important. See for example, the thoughtful work they are doing with the language of competency and mastery.

Finally, I am very excited to share the research on school design I have been doing over the past five years. I am going to publish an overview of design and reviews of a wide  range of school design texts. I hope it will prove a useful tool for school designers and researchers.

Send us your thoughts!



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