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  1. hey gk, just wanted to let u know that i added and picture of you and PJ on the website.. i need a small bio for the both of you to add to it.

    i was reading over some of your posts and i was wondering.. one day in class, you gave everyone an assignment for homework about Indians.. no one did it, so the next day, when you were ready to talk about this topic, everyone was clueless. i was telling you that i learned some things about them, like how on Indian painting, the rich people have their hands painted red to show their wealthiness. i took you by surprise because i was the only person that was able to have a conversation on this topic.. but honestly, just liek everyone else, i didnt do the homework.. it just so happened that i went to an idian restaurant the night before with a japaneese family and i met some indian people there.. i asked about the paintings on the wall and they explained everyhting to me. but i was able to pull of a conversation of the little bit of knowlege that i had.

    so this brought me back to hands on training.. sort of.. students are always told to read this and that.. and thats as far as we get to know.. wouldnt it be nice to learn by experience? why read an article on how to build a website, when you can hav someone teach them about the fundamentals of it.

    why read a chapter on Indians and their traditions when we can have one come in.. and say, Hi my name is Habib.. and we wear turbans because of _____….

    stories keep getting passed on to the next generation, but the further it goes, the more pieces start missing and others added..

    so i say we get to the source of the subject, the pro.. the I WAS THERE guy.

    its just an idea..

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