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Philadelphia Local – Some Tools Local Designers Will Find Useful

In my work for Building21 I have been digging through local resources in Philadelphia. The most useful of these resources is The Notebook has been gathering and organizing an enormous amount of useful data on Philly’s schools. Local educators and advocates certainly know this.

1) A Map of the local school catchments, feeder pattern. This should be common knowledge in the city, but for some reason, it is not:

2) From perhaps the most useful resource of all,  the Philadelphia Public School Notebook itself, please see a list of the regional superintendents in Philadelphia and the schools each oversees.

3) A recent edition of the School District of Philadelphia’s Organizational Chart: I got this from an article in the Philadelphia City Paper. Here I am not concerned with the content of the article but on the usefulness of the org chart, which can also be seen below.

School District of Philadelphia Organizational Chart - Winter 2014.